Ngai tahu family names

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My two great-grandmothers are buried at Moeraki, which was one of the great old knowledge centres of our people. He served on the board for 22 years, and was chair for thirteen of those years. A major architect and negotiator of the Treaty of Waitangi fisheries settlements of andhe was also the founding Chairman of the Treaty of Waitangi Fisheries Commission.

As well he has a major academic interest in general New Zealand history and the Maori political economy. Appointed to the New Zealand Geographic Board inTipene became the longest serving member of the Board having served 28 years. Putting names on maps fixes those names in time. From when I first joined the board there has been a massive change in attitudes. You only have to listen to the weather and the news.

The most important role of place names in a society in which traditions and history were transmitted orally was to serve as triggers for memory. They reminded those who spoke or heard them of events or episodes important in the history of the tribe. It is essentially concerned with the management of our own tribal knowledge base and ensuring its accessibility. Owning and controlling our own knowledge base is at the heart of our capacity to disseminate that heritage.

This does not mean that our knowledge base is exclusively ours and should not be shared with others. But we are the primary proprietors of our own story, our own heritage and our own cultural identity. That proprietorship is a fundamental expression of our rakatirataka.

We do not exist for the benefit of universities — the reverse is the case — they exist for our benefit. Our aim must be to control and shape our own tribal culture to the greatest extent possible. If it is to be ours, we must own it. We must be the primary proprietors of our own knowledge base.Our ancestors were the first long distance seafarers, riding the ocean currents and navigating by stars on voyaging waka canoes from Hawaiki Nui.

They populated the islands of the South Pacific eventually making their way to Aotearoa and Te Waipounamu. The sons journeyed from the heavens and when they sought to return, the karakia incantation failed, over-turning their waka which became the South Island. The brothers climbed on top and turned to stone and became the mountains that comprise the Southern Alps. Aoraki: forever standing proud, standing tall. These stories, our place names and traditions are interwoven throughout the landscape.

Possessing an entrepreneurial character, we seized upon the economies of whaling, sealing and the export of flax and provisions such as potatoes and grains. We also looked after whalers and settlers in need, shared our food and knowledge, and began to integrate with the new arrivals. As well as the provision of key social infrastructure including schools and hospitals.

Whakapapa - Genealogy

As history shows, the Crown did not honour its side of the bargain. We overcame legal and practical barriers to continue our mahinga kai practices. We wrote petitions to the Queen, supported our tribal leadership to become Members of Parliament and.

They asked that the Crown put aside adequate reserves of land for the iwi, as agreed to under the terms of its land purchases.

The Crown failed to allocate one-tenth of the land to the iwi, nor did it pay a fair price, as it agreed. I am Matiaha Tiramorehu. My father was Karaki. Matiaha Tiramorehu. Ref: PAColl In order to pursue this vision we have been careful to form a governance structure and organisation that both embraces our cultural traditions and draws on the best models of democratic governance and Western best practice. It includes stringent benchmarking, spending rules as well as a strategic asset allocation framework.

In response these business units develop detailed Statements of Corporate Intent setting out how they will fulfil those expectations. For further information visit: www. It is my hope that the footprints I leave today will help guide my children, my grandchildren and the generations to follow. Uncle Bill was a quiet and humble man. He was a kaitiaki, who believed in and stood for our people and our environment.

His memory and legacy continues to have a profound effect on my life today. My dream for our people is simple: to be culturally strong, healthy and happy. Achieving this dream is complex, but we are a tenacious people. We have a long and proven history of being able to adapt and innovate, and we continue these traditions today guided by a set of values handed down by our ancestors. Mark Solomon. We will respect, foster and maintain important relationships within the organisation, within the iwi and within the community.

We will pay respect to each other, to iwi members and to all others in accordance with our tikanga customs. We will strive to maintain a high degree of personal integrity and ethical behaviour in all actions and decisions we undertake.

Our goal is to have transparent, effective trusted tribal governance of our assets and tribal development journey. Our vision takes a degree approach.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name. Give points yo advocate thst biology is linked with physics chemistry mathsmatics geography.

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ngai tahu family names

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Technically not because there is no 'g' in Te Reo Maori the Maori language but 'Otago' is derived from the Ngai Tahu dialectical pronunciation of the name 'Otakau'.

Nga Puhi of Northland are the largest tribe by population. Ngai Tahu of the South Island have the largest territory. His descendants are Ngati Porou and Ngai Tahu. So yeah but just look on Wikipedia although people change it, it's all acurate. Tahu Hole was born in Tahu Hole died in Tahu Matheson was born in Ngai Tupa was born in Asked in Celebrities How tall is Marco Ngai?Here is a list of names that appear in Ngai Tahu whakapapa and are extracted from the Fletcher Index.

Ngā mātāpono

If you want more information about any name that you find in this list, go to the link at the bottom of the page and search there. They have all of the references that they found for each name, which you can look up.

Type a name into the box then you can highlight all of the words that match and use the arrows to go up and down. This list is to be used in conjunction with the microfiche Marriages Indexes published by the New Ze Read More. Here is a list of people who petitioned the Native Affairs Committee in regarding different lan This was List of burials at Hawera Cemetery, Taranaki, including some dates. There could be a photo of the st List of burials at Manaia Cemetery, Taranaki, including some dates.

List of burials at Nukumaru Urupa including some dates. There could be a photo of the stone by visit List of burials at Opunake Cemetery including some dates. There could be a photo of the stone by vis List of burials at Patea Cemetery including some dates. List of burials at Rahotu Cemetery including some dates. There could be a photo of the stone by visi There could be a photo List of burials at Waihi Military Cemetery including some dates.Te Poho-o-Tahu, the meeting house at Iwitea marae.

He was also known as Tahumatua and the originator of a line of numerous Tahu in following generations. This is debateable, as Tahu would have been in middle-age by this time and childless, since we are told that he married and had children after this journey. Her name was Hamo-te-rangi. However, there is no evidence that Ira or any of his brothers ever lived in the South Island. In the late s and into the early s they began migrating from Te Whanganui- a-Tara to the northern part of the South Island.

From there they spread further south and also into the West Coast. Nevertheless, his legacy lives on. His traditions in the Te Waipounamu evolved through his descendants. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Name required. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Additionally, a range of legislative tools including a Right of First Refusal, a Deferred Settlement Purchase arrangement, and a mechanism for future Relativity Payments, were enacted to help the tribe re-establish its economic base.

Their larger vessels also opened up the opportunity for doing business offshore including a successful harakeke flax trade to Australia from the midth century.

In the meantime, the first Ngaitahu Trust Board was established by statute in The Trust Board was set up as a body corporate to administer all funds held by it for the benefit of the Ngaitahu tribe and was charged with continuing negotiations with the Crown for settlement of the Claim.

The Trust Board was also able to buy and sell property, erect buildings, farm and administer lands it owned, and lend money. While preliminary discussions between the Trust Board and government officials were positive, little progress was made on the Claim throughout the s.

The Ngaitahu Trust Board was reconstituted in to administer the payments and after its establishment, bought a small building in Kaiapoi as its headquarters.

The Trust Board made grants to beneficiaries for marae expenses, hardship, trade and professional training, secondary schooling, and university study. It also began to think boldly in terms of investment and in the early s sought unsuccessfully Ministerial authority to take out a loan to facilitate the purchase of Waikura Station on the east coast of the North Island near Gisborne.

The board elections resulted in a largely new Trust Board with Frank Winter as Chairman, a position he would hold until Under his leadership, a range of rigorous administrative changes were introduced to reduce cost, increase accountability, and provide for greater strategic investment. The Trust Board also tightened the rules concerning the provision of loans and mortgages, and ordered outstanding loans to be repaid. By the s the board was in a position to focus on securing a more equitable Claim settlement than the compromise of In the Board transferred these properties into a non-taxable charitable trust for education purposes.

The Trust Board exploited this clause to its fullest potential, investing in tribally owned and subsidiary companies across a range of portfolios. These investments formed the primary source of income for the tribe.

From the mids the Trust Board focused all new property investment in Te Waipounamu.

ngai tahu family names

In an early venture in property development, the Board entered into the development of a showroom, office, warehouse building for Tolley Industries Limited in Christchurch which was completed in The Treaty of Waitangi Amendment Act had empowered the Waitangi Tribunal to hear retrospective claims dating back to This undertaking was approved on the proviso that a tribal investment base would be restored as a matter of priority on settlement.

All potential investments were fully researched before any decision was made to invest and inthe Trust Board established guidelines to determine whether or not a particular investment was strategically important to the iwi. In the interests of neutrality and transparency all companies also had directors from outside the iwi as well as from within.

By the early s, the Board had established a variety of tribally-owned companies operating in the areas of fishing, tourism and property investment. The Trust Board was also able to buy and sell property, erect buildings, farm and administer lands it owned, and lend money While preliminary discussions between the Trust Board and government officials were positive, little progress was made on the Claim throughout the s. Recent stories.Historical records and family trees related to Hori Taiaroa.

Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. Trusted by millions of genealogists since Trusted information source for millions of people worldwide. Hori Taiaroa Historical records and family trees related to Hori Taiaroa. View all records. MyHeritage Family Trees. Ngai was born inin Kawakaputaputa, New Zealand. Mawera was born circain Puketeraki, Otago, New Zealand. Hori married Jane Taiaroa born Burns at marriage place.

List of Ngai Tahu Whakapapa Names

Jane was born inin Scotland. His occupation was occupation. Hori passed away on month dayat age 65 at death place. He was buried at burial place. Hori passed away on August 4at age 65 in Wellington. Nga was born circain Kawakaputaputa, Southland, New Zealand. Hori had 2 siblings: Nikuru Hinewhariua Weller born Taiaroa and one other sibling.

Hori passed away in monthat age 94 at death place. Hori married Makareti Taiaroa born Parata. Makareti was born inin New Zealand. Hori passed away inat age 48 at death place. Hori passed away. Hori married Makareti Parata Taiaroa. They had one daughter: Kiti Taiaroa.

Raukawa was born on May 20 Hori had 5 siblings: Teiwi TaiaroaHawea Taiaroa and 3 other siblings. Find family history information in a whole new way.

ngai tahu family names

Get started. Geni World Family Tree. Hori married Tini, Pana Taiaroa. Hori passed away on month day Hori had 2 brothers: Te Iwi Taiaroa and one other sibling.

They had one daughter: Irihapeti Taiaroa. FamilySearch Family Tree. Hori had 2 sisters: Nikuru Weller and one other sibling. Hori married Tini Taiaroa. Hori passed away inat age 69 at death place.

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