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Last year, I spent an unreasonable amount of time on the phone with my cable company. My promotional rate had expired; the rate I was paying was the best they could offer, oh, and didn't I realize I could save money by downgrading to megabits per second? What did I need such fast internet for? I was finally ready to cut the cord. My challenge was finding a streaming bundle with a well-designed app for the fourth-gen Apple TV the set-top box I already owned and the right mix of channels.

I longed to cut the cord back inbut finding a way to stream sports was a challenge then. Now, there are several options that can do that. None of these services require contracts, and all offer free weeklong trials, so trying them out and switching among them is easy enough.

The service was glitchy in our reviewer's experienceand it wasn't available on as wide an array of platforms as its rivals. But the service won me over with the promise of a free weeklong trial, a variety of channels I actually watch in a package that isn't insanely expensive and, perhaps the biggest selling point, a free 4K Apple TV. DirecTV requires you to prepay for three months of its streaming service to get the set-top box, but that's still a great deal.

The Apple TV arrived at my house within days of when I signed up for the service, so I didn't even have to wait until the end of my prepaid period to set up my new hardware. But because I'll be streaming more, I figured it was worth the trade-off.

In my first few weeks with DirecTV Now, I've experienced some issues with the service that need to be fixed. The first is a big one: streaming reliability. In my first two weeks of service, DirecTV Now would interrupt whatever show or movie I was watching and give me a server error message. All I had to do was tap my Apple TV remote to reload the stream, and it would quickly resume, but the fact that I ever had to do that is problematic.

This was a bigger issue during the NCAA basketball tournament, when the error message popped up at least six times. My husband nearly tossed our Apple TV in the trash in frustration. Don't worry — everything is fine now. This happens at least once a week, which is problematic, and it seems to be an issue with the service itself and not my internet connection or Apple TV hardware.

We hardwired the Apple TV to an Ethernet port to improve streaming reliability, but haven't seen much difference. If these error messages continue to be a regular occurrence, this will be the biggest reason I leave DirecTV Now to try another streaming service though this problem may extend to other services beyond DirecTV Now. There are other, smaller issues that are more specific to the Apple TV interface, such as the lack of a back button to return to the channel I was previously watching.

I wish there were channel numbers that I could memorize so I didn't have to swipe up to the guide every time I wanted to switch to a different network. Even better would be support for the voice-activated assistant that Apple includes with the Apple TV remote. The frequency of error messages has decreased, which is reassuring.With ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and massive capacity, Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is built right with the power to change more than your phone.

It will change everything. Not all 5G is the same. Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband has the power to deliver speeds more than 10 times faster than some other 5G networks. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission. Built right for the future. Even our 4G beats their 5G. Ready for 5G?

we have finally launched international interface, supporting several languages.

See how you can experience the unprecedented power of 5G Ultra Wideband. Verizon 5G is now live in more places across the U. See 5G coverage and shop the best 5G phones.

we have finally launched international interface, supporting several languages.

Feel the power of 5G-fast internet. Find out if Verizon 5G Home Internet is available in your area. Discover all the ways 5G can help create new possibilities for your business. Sorry, your browser doesn't support embedded videos. Play Places video. Play firefighters video. Play first responders video. Play education video.

Play music video. Play nfl video. Play nyt video. Play Jenny Slate video. For your phone. For your home. For your business.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Do you regularly need to type in multiple languages in Windows? Windows Vista and 7 come preinstalled with support for viewing a wide variety of languages, so adding an input language is fairly simply.

Adding an input language is slightly more difficult in XP, and requires installing additional files if you need an Asian or Complex script language. Then, we show how to add a language to XP, and also how to add Complex Script support. Please note that this is only for adding an input language, which will allow you to type in the language you select. This does not change your user interface language. It is fairly simple to add or change a keyboard language in Windows 7 or Vista.

This also works in Windows 7. Click Add to insert another input language while still leaving your default input language installed. Here we selected the standard Thai keyboard language Thai Kedmaneebut you can select any language you want. Windows offers almost any language you can imagine, so just look for the language you want, select it, and click Ok. Alternately, if you want, you can click Preview to see your layout choice before accepting it.

This is only the default characters, not ones that will be activated with Shift or other keys many Asian languages use many more characters than English, and require the use of Shift and other keys to access them all.

Once your finished previewing, click close and then press Ok on the previous dialog. Now you will see both of your keyboard languages in the Installed services box. You can click Add to go back and get more, or move your selected language up or down to change its priorityor simply click Apply to add the new language.

Also, you can now change the default input language from the top menu. This is the language that your keyboard will start with when you boot your computer.

We have finally launched international interface, supporting several languages.

So, if you mainly use English but also use another language, usually it is best to leave English as your default input language.In computinginternationalization and localization AmE or internationalisation and localisation BrE are means of adapting computer software to different languages, regional peculiarities and technical requirements of a target locale.

Localization is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by translating text and adding locale -specific components. Localization which is potentially performed multiple times, for different locales uses the infrastructure or flexibility provided by internationalization which is ideally performed only once before localization, or as an integral part of ongoing development.

The terms are frequently abbreviated to the numeronyms i18n where 18 stands for the number of letters between the first i and the last n in the word internationalizationa usage coined at Digital Equipment Corporation in the s or s [3] [4] and L10n for localizationdue to the length of the words. Some companies, like IBM and Oracleuse the term globalizationg11nfor the combination of internationalization and localization. Microsoft defines internationalization as a combination of world-readiness and localization.

World-readiness is a developer task, which enables a product to be used with multiple scripts and cultures globalization and separating user interface resources in a localizable format localizability, abbreviated to L12y. According to Software without frontiersthe design aspects to consider when internationalizing a product are "data encoding, data and documentation, software construction, hardware device support, user interaction"; while the key design areas to consider when making a fully internationalized product from scratch are "user interaction, algorithm design and data formats, software services, documentation".

Translation is typically the most time-consuming component of language localization. Computer software can encounter differences above and beyond straightforward translation of words and phrases, because computer programs can generate content dynamically. These differences may need to be taken into account by the internationalization process in preparation for translation.

Many of these differences are so regular that a conversion between languages can be easily automated. Its data is used by major operating systemsincluding Microsoft WindowsmacOS and Debianand by major Internet companies or projects such as Google and the Wikimedia Foundation. Examples of such differences include:. In particular, the United States and Europe differ in most of these cases. Other areas often follow one of these. Specific third-party services, such as online maps, weather reports, or payment service providersmight not be available worldwide from the same carriers, or at all.

Time zones vary across the world, and this must be taken into account if a product originally only interacted with people in a single time zone.

For internationalization, UTC is often used internally and then converted into a local time zone for display purposes. In order to internationalize a product, it is important to look at a variety of markets that the product will foreseeably enter.

Details such as field length for street addresses, unique format for the address, ability to make the postal code field optional to address countries that do not have postal codes or the state field for countries that do not have states, plus the introduction of new registration flows that adhere to local laws are just some of the examples that make internationalization a complex project. A broader approach takes into account cultural factors regarding for example the adaptation of the business process logic or the inclusion of individual cultural behavioral aspects.

Already in the s, companies such as Bull used machine translation Systran in large scale, for all their translation activity: human translators handled pre-editing making the input machine-readable and post-editing.

Both in re-engineering an existing software or designing a new internationalized software, the first step of internationalization is to split each potentially locale-dependent part whether code, text or data into a separate module. The current prevailing practice is for applications to place text in resource strings which are loaded during program execution as needed.

Programs are often built to reference resource libraries depending on the selected locale data. The storage for translatable and translated strings is sometimes called a message catalog [1] as the strings are called messages. The catalog generally comprises a set of files in a specific localization format and a standard library to handle said format.

Visual Basic support planned for .NET 5.0

One software library and format that aids this is gettext. Thus to get an application to support multiple languages one would design the application to select the relevant language resource file at runtime.

The code required to manage data entry verification and many other locale-sensitive data types also must support differing locale requirements. Modern development systems and operating systems include sophisticated libraries for international support of these types, see also Standard locale data above.

Many localization issues e. For example, OpenOffice. A globalization method includes, after planning, three implementation steps: internationalization, localization and quality assurance. To some degree e. Specialized technical writers are required to construct a culturally appropriate syntax for potentially complicated concepts, coupled with engineering resources to deploy and test the localization elements. Once properly internationalized, software can rely on more decentralized models for localization: free and open source software usually rely on self-localization by end-users and volunteers, sometimes organized in teams.User Experience UX is critical to the success or failure of a product in the market but what do we mean by UX?

All too often UX is confused with usability which describes to some extent how easy a product is to use and it is true that UX as a discipline began with usability — however, UX has grown to accommodate rather more than usability and it is important to pay attention to all facets of the user experience in order to deliver successful products to market.

There are 7 factors that describe user experience, according to Peter Morville a pioneer in the UX field who was written several best-selling books and advises many Fortune companies on UX:. If it has no purpose, it is unlikely to be able to compete for attention alongside a market full of purposeful and useful products. Usability is concerned with enabling users to effectively and efficiently achieve their end objective with a product. A computer game which requires 3 sets of control pads is unlikely to be usable as people, for the time being at least, only tend to have 2 hands.

Products can succeed if they are not usable but they are less likely to do so. Poor usability is often associated with the very first generation of a product — think the first generation of MP3 players; which lost their market share to the more usable iPod when it was launched.

Findable refers to the idea that the product must be easy to find and in the instance of digital and information products; the content within them must be easy to find too. If you picked up a newspaper and all the stories within it were allocated page space at random, rather than being organized into sections such as Sport, Entertainment, Business, etc. Findability is vital to the user experience of many products.

Fool me twice, shame on me. Not just that it does the job that it is supposed to do but that it will last for a reasonable amount of time and that the information provided with it is accurate and fit-for-purpose. Skoda and Porsche both make cars. They are to some extent both useful, usable, findable, accessible, credible and valuable but Porsche is much more desirable than Skoda.

This is not to say that Skoda is undesirable they have sold a lot of cars under that brand but given a choice of a new Porsche or Skoda for free — most people will opt for the Porsche. Desirability is conveyed in design through branding, image, identity, aesthetics and emotional design.

The more desirable a product is — the more likely it is that the user who has it will brag about it and create desire in other users.

Sadly, accessibility often gets lost in the mix when creating user experiences. Accessibility is about providing an experience which can be accessed by users of a full range of abilities — this includes those who are disabled in some respect such as hearing loss, impaired vision, motion impaired or learning impaired.

GM MDI Clone Scan Tool Unboxing Review and Setup ACDelco TDS Intro (Best Chinese Clone to Buy)

Design for accessibility is often seen by companies as a waste of money because the impression is that people with disabilities make up a small segment of the population. Finally, accessible design is now a legal obligation in many jurisdictions including the EU and failure to deliver it may result in fines.

Sadly, this obligation is not being enforced as often as it should be. Copyright terms and licence: CC BY 2. Finally, the product must deliver value. It must deliver value to the business which creates it and to the user who buys or uses it. Without value it is likely that any initial success of a product will eventually be undermined.We launched the new Research Charter and Living Research Excellence Strategy on June 6th and to prolong the excitement we decided to write a piece about the event!

As he opened proceedings, the Provost noted that it is the first time in our year history that we have a Research Charter and a dedicated Research Strategy. Housed in the university's Arts Building, the Gallery was designed by the architect Paul Koralek who also designed the Berkeley Library.

We emblazoned the white walls of the DHG with the seven principles from our Charter. The DHG looked magnificent and was a fitting location for the occasion. More than colleagues from all parts of Trinity College Dublin attended. The Research Charter and Research Strategy are the outcome of a highly collaborative process which garnered hundreds of different inputs from across the university.

When we set out to create a strategy it became clear that there was a real hunger to reassert some core principles around our research and to reset what matters to us in terms of research. The Research Charter, based on seven principles, was borne out of this desire. Cherish academic freedom, diversity of scholarship, and pursuit of truth Position research at the heart of Trinity.

Foster and grow research talent. Harness our collective expertise for the greater good. Broaden our local and global impact.

Engage profoundly with our publics. Stand up for research. The Living Research Excellence Strategy followed the Research Charter — we asked ourselves how we could live the principles in the Research Charter, or what kind of things would stop us from living those principles, and after much collecting of ideas, mapping of approaches and working together, the actions in the Research Strategy resulted. The word LIVING was very purposely chosen to reflect that the Research Strategy is not static but something dynamic — a living, breathing document that as we learn and get more answers we update.

It is clear to everyone in Trinity that research brings challenges; some of these challenges open up opportunities, and some of them will require much work by us all to solve. To further showcase the fact that research is in our DNA, we had four speakers at the launch, starting at undergraduate level and continuing on.

Philip Smytha third year Medicine student and Laidlaw Scholarspoke about his research on brain trauma in the ED and the value of being able to do research as an undergraduate. Laura Finnegana Trinity Scholarand one of our plus PhD students and the recent winner of the Mary Mulvihill prize for Science Communications spoke about her work in gene therapies for blindness and the importance of communicating research stories.

The event also gave us the opportunity to flag some of our current and projected large-scale initiatives. The event also provided an opportunity to focus on standing up for research. It has become more than clear to us that we will always need to keep proving ourselves when it comes to accessing research resources. If, for example, a mathematician creates a proof — that proof will be examined by peers and stress-tested and if it withstands the stress-testing it is there for all time.

It is QED.

Cortana's regions and languages

For those who decide on what resources are given to research there is no such thing as QED. There is no one set of statistics or one great story or set of stories of which we have many that nails the argument. We know we need to constantly and persistently make sure resourcing excellent research is always on the agenda of politicians and decision-makers.

We need to constantly make the case for basic research as well as applied research to be funded.WordPress is used by millions of non-English websites around the world.

we have finally launched international interface, supporting several languages.

You can use WordPress to create a website in any language that you want. However, WordPress does not come with the built-in capability to create a multilingual websites. Luckily, there are some powerful WordPress translation plugins that allow you to easily add multilingual content to your site.

In this article, we will show you the best WordPress translation plugins that you can use to create multilingual websites. We will take a look at their features, pros and cons, to help you pick the best option for your website.

With the help of plugins, you can create bilingual or multilingual websites. You can even allow your users to translate content using Google Translate. While there are many translation plugins available for WordPress, they can be characterized in two main categories. The multilingual plugins allow you to manually add multilingual content to your website.

The main benefit of these plugins is the quality of your translations will be significantly better than any machine-generated online translation tools. The second type of WordPress translation plugins are the ones that use online translation services to translate your content.

Unlike automated WordPress translation plugins, these multilingual plugins allow you to manually translate every aspect of your website including content, theme, plugins, and more. Following are our top picks for the best WordPress multilingual plugins to easily translate your entire website. TranslatePress is a full-fledged WordPress multilingual plugin to translate every aspect of your website. The main feature of TranslatePress is that it allows you to translate directly from the front-end.

You can easily switch languages during the translation, and the live preview will change instantly. Another benefit of this approach is that you can translate content, theme, plugins, and even meta-data without changing the interface.

TranslatePress is perfect for manual translations. You can translate yourself or assign the custom translator user role to any user on your site. These users will be able to translate content without access to the admin area. If manual translations sound like a lot of work, then you can also use Google Translate for machine translations.

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